Dolly Parton’s Seventies country vintage, “Jolene,” has been given a lot of a rendition in English, together with takes by goddaughter Miley Cyrus, the White Stripes, Pentatonix, and even a queer interpretation by Nadine Gibbs. But virtually 50 a long time because its release, the famous music finally will get its 1st Spanish-language makeover by two Mexican American divas: regional Mexican songstress Chiquis Rivera and reggaeton-pop hitmaker Becky G.

In la nueva “Jolene,” the L.A.-born superstars enjoy two tough-as-nails outlaws — with a tender spot for the very same desperado. Developed by Ulises Lozano (of electro-rock band Kinky), and rewritten in Spanish by veteran songwriter Luciano Luna, the Latina update ditches Parton’s fragile people styling and emerges anew with a brassy, cumbia swing. “If there are so lots of males in the environment/Why do you want mine?” sings Chiquis and Becky in Spanish. In the animated video, modeled following pulp fiction comics of yore, the two broads get revenge on their two-timing lover by tying him to a cactus. Underneath course by Julio Abad, the two filmed their areas individually in quarantine, working with the eco-friendly monitor method at dwelling.

Chiquis and Becky G,'Jolene': Tune You Will need to Know

Chiquis hails from regional Mexican music’s Rivera dynasty, of which her mother, the late banda singer Jenni Rivera, reigned as queen. The revamped “Jolene” is a slice off from Chiquis’ new cumbia-pop album, Playlist, which was introduced in Could.

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